The Mathematics department at Halliford aims to encourage our students to achieve their potential by providing a stimulating and supportive atmosphere which allows the learning process to be both challenging and enjoyable. We also aim to instil students with the confidence to use the concise language of mathematics to communicate complex ideas clearly and logically.

    Years 7 - 9

    Our students are taught in mixed ability classes in year 7. Most of the first year at secondary level is focused on giving students a confident grasp of the basics of number, geometry, measures and statistics. Year groups are split into four sets by performance in years 8 & 9. Higher sets typically have twenty students, lower sets have fewer students which allows more individual support. Sets movements take place twice per year although sets tend to stabilise by the end of year 9.


    We follow the Edexcel (9-1) IGCSE Mathematics (Specification A) syllabus. The qualification is recognised globally and provides learners with the same progression routes as the equivalent GCSE qualification. The IGCSE Mathematics is provided at two tiers of entry, Higher and Foundation, which allows students to be entered for a level appropriate to them. Currently, we enter three sets for the Higher tier and one set for the Foundation tier. The (9-1) Higher syllabus includes new topics which closes the gap between IGCSE and A-level. These topics will give students wishing to study A-level a stronger foundation.

    In 2016, our students achieved 69% A*/A grades.

    A Level

    At AS and A level, students follow the Edexcel Mathematics syllabus. The new qualification includes separate papers for pure and applied mathematics, helping students to focus their studies. The pure mathematics content accounts for two thirds of the qualification, the applied (mechanics and statistics) content, one third. We also offer Further Mathematics at AS and A-level for our most exceptional mathematicians.

    Tours and Trips

    We participate in UKMT Maths Challenges, entering pupils at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. 

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