Scholarships & Bursaries


    The School offers scholarships up to the value of 10% per annum of the annual tuition fees for entry in Year 7 and in the Sixth Form. The scholarships are awarded for academic, artistic, dramatic, musical and sporting excellence. Full details of the Scholarships available can be found in the General Information Booklet or for Sixth Form Scholarships please click here.

    In the case of those applying for art, drama, music or sport scholarships an 11+ Scholarship Application Form will be sent to all parents who have registered an interest inviting them to complete the application and return it to the School. This form needs to be returned to the Registrar by the given closing date.


    The School welcomes applications from students whose parents cannot afford the fees, either in full or in part. Consequently, bursaries are available on entry into the School at the ages of 11 or 16.

    In cases of unforeseen hardship, or temporary difficulty, bursaries may also be awarded to ensure continuity of education.

    Application for a bursary is confidential and made through the Bursar. Once awarded bursaries are reviewed annually and may be withdrawn, or modified, if circumstances have significantly changed since the bursary was initially awarded or if the pupil concerned is not meeting the standards expected.

    For further details and a Financial Circumstances Form, please contact the Assistant Bursar either via email or telephone 01932-234924.

    Applications for entry in September 2020 have to be received by Monday 9 December 2019.